Star of the Week

I am doing the roll in the morning.

I will use a loud clear voice when I am saying good morning.

I will look at the person I am saying good morning to.

James's Writing

James worked really hard to use the butterfly cards to help fix up his words in his writing. Well done James.

James solving Maths problems

We are learning to solve maths problems and explain our thinking.

James's Publishing

We are learning to write about our personal experiences and share them with others like good authors do.

Easy Blog Photo

Exploring Movement

Today we moved our bodies in different ways. We pushed, pulled, swung, turned and we moved fast, slow, forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally.

We then moved in the class with a partner to find different things in our classroom that moves and how they move. We shared with the class one thing that we found and shared how it moves.