Creative Writing - Scripts

We are learning to write scripts to create a play.

We know we are successful if our script has:
- multiple characters
- a setting
- character speech
- stage direction (in a different colour to the speech)

Once we have written our scripts we are creating the plays using Puppet Pals.

My play is called "Alien Attack"


Student Led Conference

My highlight at my student led conference was my maths because I got to do a math game race around the clock my dad timed me on my tens.

I am most proud of is my reading because I finished  all my self  managed leaning activities.

I think my parents enjoyed  my tiki because I put a lot of effort into it.

Next time I will try to be more confident.    


My learning goal this term is order and sequence the ideas in a text and understand correct grammatical features in a text.
I can do this by looking up the dictionary to help me get the word right.
This photo shows my learning.

Procedura Writing

WALHT writing a procedure.
Something I learned about writing a procedure is you have to number the instructions.
Something I would like to do better is improve my spelling in my steps.
Here is a photo of my learning.


We are learning to do hip hop and salsa.
I enjoyed the moves in hip hop.
I learning to do harder dance moves.

Taiao Programme

I have been learning to be safe around the kitchen. We made a apple crumble. I learned that when somebody is using a knife you need to stand back. A question I have is why did you need to grate the apples?

Learning to Send a Photo

I am learning to add photo to my blog from my Google Drive.

Little River Trip

The Year 4 students went to Cheskin Orchard and Chook Manor to learn about fruit and chickens.

I  learned that there are different kinds of breeds of chickens.    

I enjoyed picking up a chicken.

A question I have is how do you collect the eggs?

Year 3 Gala Performance - Towards the Sun

We are learning how to:

  • Perform as a group

We will know we have been successful when we:
  • Put in the effort to learn the song words and the actions
  • Perform with energy and expression

Music - Playing the recorder

We are learning how to:
  • play simple songs on the recorder
We will know we have been successful when we can:

  • hold the recorder correctly
  • breath correctly
  • use the correct finger positions for each note we play